dentists who bulk bill in melbourne?

could anyone tell me or does anyone know any dentists who bulk bill in melbourne?

4 Answers

  • There is only the dental health care plan that your doctor must organise for you. You get a portion of what you pay for your dental treatments back from medicare. You must be on Government payments and have an illness to be eligible for this.

  • Bulk Bill Dentist Melbourne

  • I agree 100%! I am forever putting my dentist visits on hold as each time I can afford to go something else pops up and my teeth go back to the bottom of the list. I don't know that it would change my vote as I feel very strongly about who I am voting for at this point but I do know it would make a hell of a difference to a lot of peoples lives if they did bulk bill.

  • Dentists don't bulk bill.

    Bulk billing occurs in the medical profession with doctors as Medicare exists. No such public health scheme for dentist's exists, so no bulk billing is available.

    A minority of people are attempting to get Denticare introduced by the Government, but it sin't economically viable at the current time.

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