Depositing check- What is *less cash received?

Does that mean, if I deposit $1000 and want $500 cash, I write it on there? Do they really give me $500 in cash? I know that if I deposit the whole check, I have a hold of a few days with only $100 available. Is it the same? Is there a limit to how much I can take out with *less cash received? I've never used it. THANKS!

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  • The amount you get in cash back must already be in your acct. So if you were depositing 1000 check and wanted 500 cash back you need to have atleast a 400 balance in you acct before you deposit the check in order to get cash back. Ofcourse there is different rules for every acct and bank. But you always have 100 immediately available from a check. Also checks issued from the bank you are depositing in can be cashed fully. So can money orders, travelers checks, and official checks.

    Source(s): I work for a bank. Deal with it everyday.
  • Less cash recieved is the money that you want back. You'll have to talk to your bank about how much you are allowed to get back. They are required by law to give you at least $100 from it. If you want more than $100 back, it will be based on the funds you already have available in your bank account. If you have $400 available in your account, then you could take $500 cash with you the day you deposit your paycheck.

    Also, not all cashier's checks, money orders, and travellers checks have a same day availability. There are so many forgeries nowadays that most banks will put a hold on them to guarantee that they are the real deal.

    Source(s): bank teller
  • Less Cash Received

  • My ATM has deposit with cash back option. I would never deposit cash in a night drop or an ATM. Only in front f a cashier, face to face to watch it being counted and a receipt given.

  • Yes, whatever amount you want in cash, you write that number in, subtract it from the total, and that is the total deposited amount. So, this would be a 500 dollar deposit.

  • what ever you put in . you can get how ever much you need for cash and leave the rest of the check in the bank. if you have money in your account.

  • minus the cash you want to recieve

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