Describe your bedroom?

At my moms house I have a room in the finished basement and it is pretty big,white walls with posters on it, a display of surfboards on the left 2 sets of bunk beds(for sleepovers) and then a full bed for me. Then I have a huge closet which instead of keeping clothes I keep 3 book cases and a trunk flled with old school papers. At dads I have a huge room that is sepereted into 5 sections,the nook area(books),the sleeping area,the sleepover area,the study area and then the bathroom area. The nook area is the back of my room that features a chair that transforms into a twin bed,2 bookcases and a lamp. Next you go into a door right by my nook area and it leads to my study area witch features a desk with a bunch of study/writing materials and then another desk for my computer. The sleeping area is the biggest and feautures a beach styled bed and then I have curtians around the area so I can close if I wish. The sleep over area is seperated by a wall opening and has 2 bunk beads and a seperate twin bed. The bathroom is just sterotypical and surf themed.

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  • My rooms is like pretty small with lavender walls and then I have brown and white like furniture and stuff.

  • I have a small room. It has a red colored wall with white colored curtains. I don't have posters, because well, I can't. I would if I could. It's pretty plain. A queen bed, a dresser, a night stand, a chest. The only things extra is a lamp, guitar, and few other things here and there. And a closet and that's about it. The room is red, white, and brown themed, with some pink here and there. My room is pretty cozy, which I like about it but sometimes I want it it to be more, exciting, and I wish there was more lighting (like from the sun).

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    Well, the bed is unmade and the mattress cover is falling off (I can never get the damn thing to stay on! -_-) along with the sheets. There are books all over the place and random crap under my bed. I have a telescope I never use between my dresser and the wall. Speaking of the wall, it's covered with band posters, drawings, magazine clippings, etc. My bass is next to the footboard of my bed. I trip over the cord all the time. There's a TV on top of the dresser. I can't put my computer in there because there isn't enough room, so it stays in my Mom's room. Oh and my closet never closes all the way because there's so much stuff in it. It is REALLY messy almost all the time and my Mom has pretty much given up telling me to clean it. MQ: my bass, of course. His name is Hubert Cumberdale.

  • On my walls I have a clock, a calendar, a dry erase weekly planner thing, a peace sign that's black, a map of the world, some artwork that I've done, and a cork bulletin board. I have a desk that used to be my dad's girlfriend's vanity, but now I use it as a desk. Next to the desk is a tall thing with a cabinet and a couple a drawers, on top of it is my TV, a DVD player/VCR, and a Playstation 2. Opposite of my desk and TV is my bed, my nightstand, and my dresser. Above my dresser is a window with two curtains that have a bunch of large black, purple, blue, and lime green circles. My bed, nightstand, dresser, and the tall thing for my TV are black, so there's a lot of black in my room. Oh and I also have a mirror propped up against my closet; it's one of those sliding door closets so I just propped the mirror on the one door that I rarely open.

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    Describe your bedroom?

    At my moms house I have a room in the finished basement and it is pretty big,white walls with posters on it, a display of surfboards on the left 2 sets of bunk beds(for sleepovers) and then a full bed for me. Then I have a huge closet which instead of keeping clothes I keep 3 book cases and a trunk...

  • Double bed against the far wall, long ( like 5 ft hip height) dresser against the foot of the bed, going from the far wall to down by the door. A smaller ( 2 ft, but shoulder height ) dresser by the head of the bed, going along the other wall. As soon as that dresser ends, there's a 55 gallon tank with two young comets and a 4'' turtle that almost reaches the bathroom door. Between the bathroom door and the door to the rest of the house there's a closet.

    All the dressers have fish tanks on them, and by the foot of the bed there's a snake tank. Double bed sits on the floor, simply because I like the height. The space between the long dresser and door to the house has a TV and will have a chair.

  • I have a pretty small room, but it's spaced out well. I have lavender walls, with white furniture. I have a huge dresser with a mirror against my wall that I keep most of my hair stuff and perfume on. I have a few posters up, with a bulletin board that I keep 'memories' on. I have concert tickets on there, pictures of me and my brother when we were younger, and I have stuff from Disneyworld when I went hung up on there. I have a smaller dresser against the wall at the end of the room that I keep my TV and wii on.

  • Two opposite walls are light pink, the other two are hot pink. I have a queen sized bed. My carpet is white. Curtains are white and pink. I have a bulletin board with my medals and ribbons up on it. A vanity style dresser with some of my favorite pictures all around it. I have another dresser, a tall one, with my t.v. on it. My t.v. has internet on it and there is also my PS3. My dressers are made of white marble. I have a walk in closet that contains my dresses, purses, laundry basket and shelf containing my books and photo albums. There are christmas lights up on the ceiling around the perimeter of my room, two Marilyn Monroe posters, a sketch my best friend drew of Marilyn Monroe, a painting of Jesus, and a portrait my mom drew of me on my walls. I have a white five bulb lamp, glow in the dark stickers on my ceiling. (Don't judge, I'm 17 and HATE the dark). And two wall quotes In black on my walls. "Make today Ridiculously Amazing" & "Want. Hope. Wish. Then, Make it Happen." I have a few stuffed animals. A customized cheerleader bear since I used to cheer, a baby panda, and a giant normal one. I have charms hanging from my lamp and the handles to my closet. Charms of angels.

    I really try to make my room ny own haven.

  • The bedroom is the place in the house where you retire,relax,rest,and sleep.How to describe of your bedroom

  • Tan colored wall. Hot pink and white desk. Hot pink swivel chair, Pink, yellow, white, and green flower quilt, black and white Eiffel tower poster from Ikea ( REALLY big), Flat screen TV Samsung, Big window with blinds, white night stand, green floor lamp, white fan. TADA!

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