On what are Deviant ID's for? and why do we need one? Also, what do we put on them???

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  • Your d.ID is to use as your identification picture at your front page. You can take a self-portrait, upload it under DeviantID category, and then you can go to Edit Profile, where you'll be able to set it on your front page.

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    You could upload a new one. Or, if you'd rather just stick with one ID picture, then go to it's current URL. You see next to it on the left side where there is the "full view, submit as print, etc"? Next on that list, there is "edit submission". Click that, and on the submission edit page, there is "change file" as an option.From there on, it's rather straightforward. If you mean how do I literally edit mine, I use photoshop Elements 7 to make it stylish and dramatic.

  • Deviant Id

  • The ID is just a picture to be displayed on your profile. Some people take photographs, and others design theirs with art and information about themselves. You don't need one.

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