Did ZZ Top ever record a version of “Bad To The Bone”?

I know that George Thorogood and the Destroyers recorded the most popular version of the song. But I see some websites saying ZZ Top recorded it too. Is that true?

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  • I have never heard a version of Bad to the Bone sung by ZZ Top, and since it is my husband's favorite song because it is the anthem of his all American hero, Al Bundy, I decided to Google it. There were several websites that boasted to have the version of Bad to the Bone sung by ZZ Top, but they were all the version by George Thorogood. In my opinion, these are all websites set up by classic rock posers who don't know diddly squat about ZZ Top or classic rock.

  • Bad To The Bone Album

  • George Thorogood sang/played Bad to the Bone with ZZ Top at a concert. Saw it on youtube.

  • If they did it probably was done on stage with him.

  • I haven't heard of them doing it, but it may be possible...

  • No,not to my knowledge

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