my friend and i usually say ily too each other, for the first time today hes been saying "i love you." were in high school. is there a difference?

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  • There is a HUGE difference.

    ily isn't as meaning-ful as I love you. Same with love you.

    Maybe he likes you more than a friend?

  • ily is a friendly thing. I love you means I love you:)

  • ily could be that the person is lazy or doesnt really mean it as much as the three words 'i love you' which is a lot more meaningful

  • ily is more of a modern term i personally like I love you because its more appealing and personal

  • i suspose it's the difference between friends saying ily and people that love eachother saying i love you. different ppl got diffenent meanings for it

  • Typically, "ILY" is just an abbreviated/lazy way of saying "I Love You"....

  • ILY is for ignorant people or just friends. "I love you" is more sophisticated and meaningful.

  • Yes. One word is completely childish and isn't real while the other is strong and passionate. Also "I love you" has 3 syllables

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  • my boyfriend and i have this thing where i love you means something different than spelling it i luv u! weird but the actual "i love you" means something else than a nickname for it. it means things are progressing wonderfully and the feelings are being more tied together.

  • the difference is 5 letters.

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