Different ways to say ‘many’ or ‘lots of’ in spanish?

I know of muchos, that’s about it. I need to vary my adjectives as i use muchos all the time!

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  • muchos = many

    “Tengo muchos amigos”

    un montón = a lot

    “Tengo un montón de amigos” (literally “a heap”)

    You can also use numerosos, abundantes, incontables, depending on the case.

  • Varios = Many (Tengo varias tareas = I have many chores to do)

    Lots = Muchos (Tengo muchos amigos = I have lots of friends)

    Una cantidad = Tengo una cantidad de cosas por hacer (I have a big amount of things 2 do)

    Miles (a thousand) = hay miles de personas = There’s like a thousand people

    millones (millions) = SAme but with millions

    muchísimos (lots and lots) = Recibí muchísimos correos (I received lots and lots of mails)

  • All I can say; stick with it and practise.It is not something you can learn in a few weeks,months or even years.To learn ones native language with limited vocabulary may take 10 years others do not come easier.

  • many and a lot of means mucho,

    you can say too

    harto = harto jugo ( too much juice)

    abundante = abundante pasto ( a lot of grass)


  • amigos

  • varios, un chingo(slang).

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