diffrence between sortex and no sortex rice?

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  • Sortex is good quality sorted rice in which colored pieces and almost everything not the same spectrum as the rice.is discarded This makes it appear clean and premium.

    No sortex rice is which has not been sorted.

    Sortex is an optical sorting machine that can automatically grade and sort rice grains, thus sorting and providing good quality grains.

  • Sortex Rice

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    diffrence between sortex and no sortex rice?

  • 'Sortexed rice' in the rice industry is often used for any variety of rice (white, parboiled, brown, raw, steamed etc) that has been sorting on an optical sorter, however 'SORTEX' is the name of the leading manufacturer of rice sorting machines - Bühler (see website http://www.buhlergroup.com/global/en/process-techn...

    Rice that has been run through a Bühler SORTEX sorter will have the number of defects dramatically reduced, as the machine will remove black tips, discoloured grains, chalky grains, peck, bran streaks and much more, depending on rice variety. This increases the value of the rice significantly.

    So only rice sorted on a Bühler SORTEX machine can really be classed as Sortex rice, all other rice sorted on a different machine is simply sorted rice.

    'No Sortex rice' is rice that has not been run through an optical sorter so will still contain unwanted defects.

  • Sortex is a high quality non sticky fragrant rice. It is easily digestible, but not as nutritious as broken or unbleached rice--Non-Sortexed is while rice, cooked and water released.

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