directv anime?

I's there somthing on directv where you can watch anime?

If there is where can you get it?

6 Answers

  • Hi Squirtle,

    Wiki has a listing of Anime programs you may find useful.

    Go here -


  • Anime Network on Demand

    Anime Network on Demand is now available through Directv; it's anime at your fingertips. You can get up to 10 hours of Anime each month for free. In order to get the content you will need to have the HD DVR "HR20" set top box and a high speed internet connection. You can plug it in directly or use a wireless connector. Once you've got that set up all you have to do is turn to channel 1889 and voila there you have Anime Network.

  • Do you have The Anime Network channel available? That's the only other channel I can think of besides SyFy and Adult Swim. Also, if you have G4 you maybe able to see some there.

  • So amazed that I found this question already answered! It's like you read my thoughts!

  • Haven't ever thought about it in that way to be honest

  • Probably, but I am not fully convinced

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