Do a lot of housewives actually get bored and “desperate”?

I'm 21 and I met this married woman at a lounge. We started talking, and she went on about how boring married life is, and how much things change once you have kids. Anyway, point is she wanted to have sex. I couldn't believe it. This may sound wrong, but to be honest banging a married woman has been like a fantasy of mine, mostly because it's so taboo I think...I dunno she was hot too.

Anyway, I pussied out because I was afraid her husband would find out and come kill me. But now I'm thinking, are there a lot of bored, married women out there that do this kind of thing? I don't ever want to get married now. This is ridiculous, does life really get this fuc*ing depressing once you get older?

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  • I am a student and a homemaker and I am not married to my house! A 37 year young woman like me has a hunky husband who treats me good and makes a good living so why would I want a punk like you? Lay off the cougar stories or write some juicy stuff to a girlie magazine forum.

  • There's more out there then you think. When you start doing the same thing over and over you get bored and what a change. If your partner won't change you start looking. That's when the trouble starts. The men are in the same condition looking for you, then you've got a can of worms. If there's kids involved you have a real problem. There are ways for help like counseling, sit down talks.

  • I am a housewife, and also a military wife. I have been married going on 3 years now and have yet to get bored and desperate. IMO if she is that bored and desperate her marriage doesn't mean much to her. Married life is not that bad. Yes it has its rough patches but life in general does as well.

  • i am old - 40. my husband is even older. i am not desperate. i am very grateful to my husband for improving my life and providing me with a nice life style and taking care of me. and he is physically still attractive cos he takes care of himself - goes to gym, showers regularly, dresses nicely. and i have 3 kids which re teens now. i can not call married life boring - i am pretty much happy with where i am and i really, i mean REALLY do not care about other men existence. and if i wanna have sex i have sex with my husband. why would i want to bang a random guy who can give me std? some random guys can not even bang and lots of chances they have small penis. maybe your woman hadn't been dating before getting married. i have. i got really, really bored and desperate of random relationships

  • It does get boring sometimes..and there are temptations out there..its devil..try to stay away from temptations. And, focus on the marriage. Marriage is not always a bad thing. Just like staying single is not always fun.

  • This does not apply to the faithful few, but yes as years go by and the kids are grown w kids who wouldnt want affection.

  • Some do. Most don't.

    Look, life is not always fun and games. It's hard work, and so is marriage.

    I am glad you didn't take her up on it. She has problems she needs to work out and cheating will not help her one bit.

  • you are a huge p*ssy. what you think your dumb21yroldass was going to be so good that she was going to run to her husband and tell him she banged you?

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