Do any of you know where i can bye a Marwaei horse in TX

Do any of you know where i can bye a Marwaei horse in TX for not a lot of money heres a ling for a pick so you know what you looking for Plz help me

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  • I am the right person to answer that.

    I own 3 marwari horses in southern india and have contacts in the US and Europe.

    However since quite some time there is an export ban on the Marwari breed which means no one is allowed to transport them out of India.

    There are a couple of Marwari horses (12) in the US owned by Francesca Kelly (these are the only Marwaris in the US)

    I have had more people asking me about Marwari horse for sale in the US. Unfortunately they are not for sale. We are still waiting for the export bad to be lifted, but that might take up to 10 years. (hopefully not though)

    If the export ban is lifted, and you decide to purchase a Marwari from India, please talk to Francesa Kelly about which one to buy as of today there is a lot of mixup in the breed (most of them are not pure bred) so we are trying to only export the Pure breed horses out of India. This will help keep the breed pure. There are only 6 to 8 pure bloodlines of the Marwari and we are working very hard to keep them this way.

    If you have anymore questions, please ask me! my website is

    and here is a video of my 3 horses:


    the horse you posted a picture of is called Dewana, and is a know Marwari stallion (one of the pure breeds)

  • Marwari Horse For Sale

  • awwww look at those little ears :’)

    I think it is possible to buy them cheap, but probably not as cheap as you would like. Your best bet would probably to get a foal or something and bring them on as thats probably your cheapest option.

  • I can provide you purebred marwari horses once the ban has been lifted. You may connect with me on Facebook –

  • I do not think so well you can but not CHEAP

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