Do bats eat butterflies?

I'm planning on putting a butterfly garden in my backyard, and I was looking at other ways to make my space more wildlife friendly. I was thinking about a bat house, for natural pest control (and I think they are neat), but do they eat butterflies?

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  • Unlikely - butterflies are out during the day, bats are nocturnal.

  • Do Bats Eat Butterflies

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    I dont think butterflies move at night and that is usually when the bats eat now moths on the other hand might be eaten. I think the main food for the bats usually are mosquitos. Not only to bats consume over 10.000.00 insects in a night there poo is very great fertilizer for the gardens too.

  • Bats would eat moths, but would be unlikely to encounter flying butterflies at night. They would go after them only if the butterflies were flying, and bats sleep during the day.

  • Butterflies = Day

    Bats = Night

    No = Safe

  • Not sure. But i rarely see butterflies anymore. It might be the darn bats! But i doubt it.

  • nope, bats our out at night, butterflies are not.

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