Do fast food restaurants offer cash back?

I'm in college and will need more quarters for college soon. There's a subway, sheetz, McDonald's, and giant eagle near by. Do any of these places offer cash back?

8 Answers

  • Do you mean cash back when you use your debit card like at a grocery store or Target? You can use the cash register like an ATM when you check out and get cash handed to you. I don't think so.

    I have never seen a restaurant offer that. But all grocery stores, gas stations and retail stores do offer this service.

  • Restaurant Cash Back

  • You need quarters? Find an arcade.

    Or just go to the bank!

  • Some of them like tacco bell mcdonalds

  • Am sorry but they don't do cash back, but you can get cash back at family dollar.

  • as far as i known, no - but some do offer coupons with buy one get one free or two for a price that beats buying two separately

  • Just go to an ATM machine.

  • in depend with you

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