Do mice have bladders?

Ive got a pet mouse and Ive been wondering this coz people say they dont so I googled it and this website said ‘Mice do not have bladders, they will relieve themselves at will anywhere’. But when I get my mouse out he can go for more than an hour without peeing on me and if i play with him for a long time I leave a box out for him with tissue in and he goes and pees in that. So do mice really not have bladders or bladder control? Im just wondering coz it’s been on my mind for a while lol.

Thanks for your answers everyone, on about 4 websites it said they don’t, so thanks for correcting them!

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  • That is funny….

    Mice DO have bladders, and yes they have some degree of bladder control. This is basic mammalian biology – whoever said that is quite frankly an idiot!

    Anyways, mice have much better control over their pee than most animals. This is because they communicate a huge amount by scent – mice do pee everywhere in order to mark out territories, identify eachother, etc. Male mice will actually control the exact hormone content of their urine depending on the circumstances!

  • Do Mice Have Bladders

  • Absolutely, mice do have bladders, and they function similarly to the human bladder. In a stable “home” environment, mice in captivity will often have a latrine area where they will relieve themselves most of the time.

  • Yes, they have bladders, it’s part of the standard anatomy for mammals. They might well pee in lots of places just to give scent markers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have bladder control. Your little mouse is particularly well behaved!

  • if you want to hold it for an hour then i suggest getting a small animal carrier or a box or a small storage box it cant climb out of so it can go in it every 20-30 minutes after holding it for 5 minutes for a toilet. yes they do have bladders otherwise they souldn’t be able to pee. their pee isn’t that big and if feed on a surface it would be about 1-2 MM in density or height and about 2-3 CM in diametre. same on clothing etc… and wont really smell, just spray some perfume on it when its dried just incase, LOL

  • Yes

  • Yes, of course they have bladders. I don’t know where you heard it, but yeah, they do. 🙂

  • They do have bladders. Whoever said they didn’t were very wrong!

  • Every living thing with a soul does practically yes. But animals without souls don’t have one.

  • Every living thing with a soul does practically yes

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