Do people really have church on friday?

well I asked my friend if she wanted to hangout on Friday but she said she had she said maybe saturday but she might go to the city.....I don't think it's good Friday or anything.n if she's going to church thats in the city..she just came back from her she ignoring me???lookin for an excuse to not hang with me??or doesshe really have church???

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  • Some Christian churches have services on Friday. Catholic churches have Mass every day at some time or other. Some Protestant churches have prayer meetings on different days other than Sunday. The way to get to the bottom of this issue in your mind is to talk it over with your friend. Don't ask us to judge your friend behind their back because we have little information on this and what we do have is just from your doubt. Muslim Sabath is Friday. Jews begin Sabbath at sundown, so that would be Friday night for their Sabbath on Saturday. It's a big world. Give your friend space in it.

  • Church On Friday

  • I'm Muslim and we go to the mosque on Fridays I'm not so sure if it's a holy day for other faiths though.. Give her the benefit of the doubt maybe her church was organizing something or having some sort of event

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Some Christians go to Church everyday =/

  • My family are christian Hebrew and yes they have church on fridays. But I don't go I'd rather wasye my time doing something else.

  • It takes seven seconds for yahoo answers question to open for me to be able to click on [add your answer] box. thus, is my laptop slow??

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