Do the movie theater give you drug test?

I apply at a movie theater. I tried weed twice. Do they drug test you?

6 Answers

  • I highly doubt that they will drug test you, but when is the last time you smoked? If it was before a month ago you have nothing to worry about. You only smoked twice so that should not be a big deal. Good luck.

  • It is doubtful and the question should be DOES the movie theater do drug tests. Test should be plural tests. Perhaps you should have laid off the drugs before you asked the question. .

  • If you didn't smoke weed you wouldn't have to worry about these kind of things. Any employer has the right to do a drug test.

  • It stays in your system for a month. drink a lot of water. The really bad stuf ie crack,smack,booze and meth leave your system in a few days.

  • Nope. But depends on the company too.

  • Just because you applied doesn't mean you'll get the job. Chill out and don't 'try' pot again.

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