Do the other Dragon Quest games have a character creation like Dragon Quest IX?

I LOVE Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Stary Skies, I also love rpg's for the DS where you can play as a female (i.e. Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and of course Dragon Quest IX) Now, I was wondering if you can play as a female main character in any of the other Dragon Quests, or if anyone knows of any other games where you can play as a female main?

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  • There are other Dragon Quest games where you can change your class. I believe they are III, VI, and VII. The skill system in IX came directly from VIII. Only one other DQ game lets you pick your gender though, that is Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen.

    There are a number of games with a female lead. I like Persona 4 myself.

  • Dragon Quest 9 Character Creation

  • There are several. Dragon Quest Monster: Joker 1 & 2 -- Think Pokemon, but in the Dragon Quest world. Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime -- The Legend of Zelda of the DQ series, only you are a slime! (And one of my all time favorite games.) Dragon Quest IV, V, VI -- Partial remakes of the some of the most popular DQ games of all time. (Note that they are upgraded to the SNES level, not the level that DQIX is.)

  • i don't think any other dragon quest does have character creation. dragon quest 6 which has been remade on the ds doesn't, and it is really **** so don't get it.

  • Wow, Thank you! I was wondering the same thing the other day

  • yes.

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