Do the same people who own Walmart also own Walgreens?

7 Answers

  • No.

    Walmart was founded by Sam Walton in the 1960s in Arkansas.

    Walgreens was founded by Charles Walgreen in the 1890s in Chicago.

  • Walgreens Walmart

  • No

    Walmart and Walgreen’s are different companies. We all know the story of sam walmart.

    However , Walgreen’s was started as a company called Dodd’s Drugs in Cincinnati and was the first woman owned business in the united states

  • Jo’s uncle Fred owns a few shares of both, is that what you mean?

    The Walton family does not own Walgreen’s Drug stores.

  • They are 2 separate publicly owned companies. No one owns either.

  • Nope, but they do own Sam’s Club.

  • I don’t think so…

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