Do Topshop shoe sizes come up big or small or normal?

I'm ordering a pair of flats online and having never bought shoes from Topshop, not sure how they'll fit.

I'm a size 6 but have wide feet so generally wear a 7 in other shops. Anyone have any experience with Topshop shoes?

4 Answers

  • They seem to me to be quite big. Im a 5 but they were waaay too large, i was a 4 topshop size

  • Me too..

    I have really wide, flat feet and a size 6.

    I havent actually tried any flats from topshop.. but im guessing they'd probably me rather skinny..

    depending on how stiff the shoe is..

    im not too sure..

    id like to know aswell though x

  • They do come up big, I'm a 4 in topshop but a 5 everywhere else

  • I find the shoes come up a tiny bit big...

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