Do wine coolers go bad?

My father has a bunch of wine coolers left over from some party he had 2 years ago (no idea why they been in the fridge that long) lol but the power went out for a day or two and came back on so basically they havent been cold the WHOLE time but I'm wondering if they are still good? Not sure how alcohol expiration works lol

7 Answers

  • Oh yes theyre fine. They aren't stored cold in the warehouse so not being cold for awhile doesn't hurt them at all.

  • lay them down to avoid any air from outside enter the bottle,it will be fine for very long time

  • They won't hurt you. But their flavor may have faded after that long.

  • They should be fine. Enjoy!

  • I wouldn't keep a wine cooler that long for any reason, in that the 'cooler' part (i.e. the mix) has probably gone bad by then.

  • It's been my experience that the only thing that will make sealed alcoholic drinks go bad is if they're exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight and heat. Still you can test them with a sip.

  • they were bad to start with but they are not going to be any worse

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