Do you get braces the same day as your consultation?

HI! Im going to a consultation this tuesday to get x rays of my teeth. The same day will I get the actual braces?

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  • not usually, a consultation normally will just cover the cost and treatment time

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  • NO. the initial consultation is just that. Consult. The first appointment will be for a complete examination, and full xrays. All cavities must be taken care of first, and a thorough cleaning as well. Details, such as time involved and payment plans are discussed b4 braces or delivered to the patient. Braces take some time to prepare, usually at a dental laboratory, and they will work right along with the doctor for optimum treatment results. Figure on at least a couple of weeks.

  • It all depends on the orthodontist and how much time they have open. But mostly it depends on the orthodontist if you want to do it keep calling orthodontists until you find one that will. Thats what I did and found at least a couple. The thing is it might not make sense sometimes with some orthodontists because u may wait longer cause it takes more time blocks. Which means its only worth it if your either very lazy or very busy. As Blessednowand 4eva said, Im getting mine on the sameday as my consultation which is on the 30th

  • Not necessarily, but sometimes you do. The consultation is usually just an outline of the duration you have your braces for and some goals that they hope to fix at certain points.

  • Nnnnnnooooooo!

  • Its possible because I did

  • No you don't

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