Do you have any cute boyfriend stories? :]?

if i tell you mine, tell me yours :]

so me and my boyfriend met in 8th grade. we were taking summer school PE, and met after i became friends with some of his friends. i remember the first memory of him, was him showing some friends some magic tricks. i was so amazed so i asked him to show it to me again, and he made pompoms multiply, and reappear, and disappear it was so cool x]

once summer school ended we would talk on the bus every now and then (he lives 2 stops from me, just around the block)

once high school started he ended up being in my geometry class. he joined the marching band, i joined the colorguard. i would always talk to him and some friends in geometry, always just friendly.

and then his brother joined the winterguard after the marching season finished, and he joined the winterline. the winterguard ended up deciding to travel for competition, and we worked at the concession stands at volleyball and basketball games to raise funds. we could bring siblings to help work, so his brother brought him. during concessions everyone was packed in really close for 6+ hours at a time and we started becoming really close.

once all that finnishhed we kinda stopped talking since we never saw eachother. but from concessions i started liking him, for a really long time.

then a year later, i joined winterguard, and he decided to join winterguard too with some of his friends. we decided to travel, and so we did concessions again. i realized then, that i still liked him, a lot even a whole year later. and being around him so much i had the feeling that he liked me too

so we ended up traveling to the mainland to compete. we all went shopping, eating out, practices, then finally to competition. me, him, and a few other people kinda formed our own little group, and we were together almost 24/7 for the whole trip. i knew that he MUST have liked me. then my friend had told me that at dinner one night, he was finally gonna ask me out. we went to dinner, he freaked out and never asked me. that night i cried in bed to my roommates, i was so dissapointed that he never asked me.

so finally the trip ended and we left for the airport. on the plane i talked to my friends, and i decided i was gonna talk to him. so i had her switch seats with him so i could tlk to him. so we kinda just talked for a while. i confessed that i had liked him for a whole year, ever since the first concessions. he confessed that he actually liked me too. so we both had huge crushes on eachother for over a year. and he asked “so if i were to ask you now, would you still go out with me?” and of course i said yes :] it was an overnight flight, so i ended up falling asleep on his shoulder. and when we all got off the plane everyone else was so confused, they were like “when did this happen” when they saw us together x]

so this was 6 motnsh ago, and we’re still going strong. we have such a wonderful relationship. he’s now the drum major of the band, and im the captain of the colorguard. we see eachother every day, we have classes together, we go out with our friends all the time, and of course we have our alone time at each others houses (we live a 10 min walk apart :] ) i feel like it was all such a fairytale story. we always talk about all of this and we found out that we both admited to ourselves, on the exact same day, that we liked the other :]

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  • Awww! 😀 Omg, I love that, that was adorable. 🙂 Want to hear mine?

    Okay, SO I first met my boyfriend sophomore year, however, we never spoke. My best friend and I would always bother him in class and just be silly. Then junior year, we were cool, just friends. We spoke a little bit since he was in my anatomy class but nothing too much. Senior year was the absolute best. We became close and next thing I knew we were best friends. Always talking, always laughing, always together. I would even go to his lunch wave to see him if I got out of my class early and of course, I always did. 🙂 He would walk me to every class of mine that he could, he bought me lunch one time when I didn’t have anything to eat, we would have the LONGEST messages on facebook, aha, and we even started texting a little.

    Christmas 2009 he and I exchanged gifts. He bought me this beautiful bracelet that I wear all the time, I’m wearing it now actually! I got him boxers… lol. Mind you, I’ve never bought any boy besides him a gift before. Then later on in the year we just got closer and closer. We even skipped a class together, shh! lol

    Eventually things got rough between us because of some rumors at my school about me and he was led to believe them. In the end he did end up believing me though, and thank God he did. The way I felt without him was just terrible, I never wanted to experience that again.

    We got back on track but he realized that I did not like him the way he liked me and started treating me like just a friend. That was even more terrible! But we got rid of that quickly as well. He even took me on my first date, we had lunch and saw ‘Toy Story 3.’ 🙂

    So senior year ended and we ended it as just friends… ew, lol. A few weeks after he met my dad because he wanted to see me again. That day was the day of the fireworks so I asked him if he wanted to go with my friend and I, I just couldn’t get enough of him. He was going back and forth because he didn’t know how he’d get there but eventually said he’s going.

    We talked for a little bit and he got onto the subject of me being his girlfriend. Then he asked me and I said yes (A DUHHHH, lol). Then, he is so cute, he asked me if he could have a kiss… of course he could have a kiss! So July 2, 2010 has been one of the best days of my life. My best friend turned into the absolute best, most amazing boyfriend in the world, right there underneath the fireworks. And what’s best is that he was, is, and will always be all mine. <3

  • Cute Boyfriend

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  • Uhrm. Well, I started liking this guy a lot in year 10. He was really funny and awesome and super good looking. C:

    Every time I’d spoken to him I’d go back home and jump around my room. xD

    Eventually I managed to set up a double date with him, the other pair being my friend and her boyfriend, who was luckily the boys best friend. c;

    Towards the end of the date, the other couple left early so we could have some time alone.

    On the way back to the bus stop where I’d leave, the boy stopped us in a dark alleyway(It was winter, so it got dark early) and hugged me. About 30 seconds later he whispered in my ear that he had heard I’d never been kissed before leaning in and kissing me! I was really shocked and froze really badly. I didn’t close my eyes or anything. D:

    He pulled away a few seconds later and said that now I had. Because I was so out of my depth though, instead of hugging him after I just kinda grabbed his hand and marched away and said ‘Well that was fun!’


    Embarrassing. e .e

    But yeah. We’re together now and he’s super nice.<3 I feel really lucky that I am, because he’s one of those guys who everyone likes, and he singled me out of all the super hot girls he could easily have got. C:

  • One day I was at a restaurant with my friends and we were eating dinner. I was 16 at the time. All of a sudden, a cute guy walks over to the table with a napkin saying “You are beautiful. Call me some time.” and a phone number. He was already gone when I finished looking at it, and I couldn’t find him anywhere in the restaurant. The next day I decided to call the number. He knew it was me the second he answered the phone. He said I looked beautiful on the outside, and he was dying to see what I was like on the inside and he asked me on a date. He took me out to a restaurant that wasn’t too far away because he only lived one town over. He reserved a table just for us and paid for the whole thing. Then he took me on a 2 hour cruise where we danced and talked and laughed. It was the most amazing first date of my life. He was so special…

    We got married when I was 24 and he was 26. We had the perfect marriage and we had a beautiful baby girl followed by a baby boy. We were married for 6 years when he told me he was dying. He had a rare disease and he found out he would die young when he turned 18, which was 7 days before he met me. He passed away 3 years ago and I am now raising our beautiful children with the wonderful memories of my soul mate.

    Always live like there’s no tomorrow. <3

  • aw thts soooo cute!!! Um, cute boyfriend stories, im in a bit of a dialemar with a boy atm, but my friend has a really cute one, She is Jemima, and she liked this boy called Sam, and when they met in 9th grade, it was the start of december. Sam met Jemima at an art group, and they started talking. He said ‘I hope it snows this december’ and when she asked why he said ‘cuz I like snow patrol’ (the band) . That winter it snowed and Jemima in secret went behind his house (where a feild is) and wrote in the snow ‘Will you go out with me????’

    She aksed the local radio to play chasing cars by snow patrol (which is a love song). He heard the song in his bedroom on the radio, and at the end of the song the radio commentator said on the radio ‘look outside, sam’

    There she was, lying there in the snow, right at the bottom of the message. He said yes and they are still happy together (I hope they end up hapily ever after)


    So, I had a crush on this guy for a really long time, but I was kind of shy and couldn’t really tell him how I felt. My sister knew this and when we went on our school trip (I was a freshman and he was a junior) to seaworld she decided to give me some help. She was going out with his cousin, so she decided to make a bet that if she kissed her guy on the roller coaster then me and my crush would have to kiss on it too. I was to nervous to agree, but he didn’t seem to say no. So when we got on the ride, he asked if I wanted to and I said only if he did. So we were getting closer and closer chugging up the roller coaster and it was about to go down the hill. I was really nervous, but I looked at him. He turned to look at me and our eyes met and then we both leaned in for the kiss. Now, let me explain this ride. It was the one where they have a big group go down a hill in a cart and its a sort of a water ride, but you don’t really get wet until the end. So…our lips met as we were going down the hill, and I wasn’t sure that the butterflies in my stomach were from the gravity pulling us down or from my first kiss with this guy, but I was so happy, and to make every this all better right when our lips separated a lot of water splashed into the air and misted us. After we got off the ride we noticed that it was one of those rides that takes a picture when your going down the hill. It was so funny, My sister and her boyfriend were kissing and so was I and my crush. We definately had to buy a copy. Well, after that we started going out and we have been together for half a year now and I am so glad to have him. He is the best boyfriend I have ever had. He is amazing and every kiss is just as good as our first one:)

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  • So Me and my boyfriend started dating on April 13 before all of that he had a huge crush on me he would walk down the hallways giving me a rape face (he’s only joking) and don’t think he’s a perve😂 but anyway he asked me out and I wasn’t sure if he was joking around cause he’s was so ******* hot to be asking me out. So I said yes after and he was so happy! He ran down the hallway screaming. Then here’s just another story when we were dating… So me and him like to pull pranks on each other small ones… Huge pranks Etc. we’re like bf vs gf. So he pulled a prank on me for revenge that he wanted to break u and anyway I didn’t believe him at first but then after a few minutes I did and all my friends and his friends were standing right there some of them knew what was going on and some didn’t but just agreed on it. So everyone was like GO! And I walked away and he came running up and he’s like its a prank! And he’s hugged me and he said I’m so sorry also After that he kept hugging me

  • aww cute story im glad everything worked out for u 🙂 my cute story is i went on this school trip to the east coast and on ther i was friends with one of the guys and we hang out all the time and we even held hands it was cute we would meet each day for breakfast lol then after we stayed friends and we knew we liked eachother then during our end of school dance he asked me to slow dance with him and then later on on a knotts end of the year trip which happend to b my bday we shared a funnel cake and went on the rides and then when we wer waiting for the bus es he surpried me with a huge stuffed bear that he won for me 😉 then two days later on graduation/ promotion he gave me a big hug and couldnt stop telling me how beuatiful i looked 🙂 and after the graduation inoticed that he left early so when i went home to get something for a party ther was a note that said really cute stuff and it was from a secret admire but it was him cuz i know his handwriting plus he confeesed later then i went back a while later and found a gift it was soooo ocute any ways i moved to a house about a mile a way

    p.s he even tried making it to my dance recitals hess sooo sweet:)

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