Do you need insurance to go to a chiropractor?

My friend has HORRIBLE back pain.

Do you need insurance to go to a chiropractor, or can you just pay in cash?

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  • Yes, they take cash. Some will even send you a bill.

  • In most states, you need car insurance to drive to a chiropractor, or anywhere else. You do not need any other insurance. You can pay cash.

    You do not need any insurance to go to a chiropractor without driving. You can pay cash.

  • I'm sure they wouldn't turn down anyone who wants to pay in cash.

    However, having used the services of a chiropractor myself, I would advise anyone with any pain to go see a physiotherapist. Chiropractors I have seen made my pain worse. Physiotherapy is the ONLY thing that ever helped my pain. Not even painkillers helped. And I mean absolutely agonising pain that made me cry.

  • Yes chiros accept cash and will do so forever. One visit to a chiropractor will not do much for your friends back pain, you have to get repeated adjustments and each one will cost you over $100. Chiropractic does not offer any long term solution to back pain and it will cost a bundle to find this out.

  • I've never met a chiropractor who didn't accept cash.

  • No. Chiropractors are happy to take your money whether it is personal or insurance.

  • You don't have to have insurance to go, but I would recommend having it as anything medical is so expensive to pay out of pocket for..,unless the person actually has the financial means. I'm sure they have payment options though

  • No. Unfortunately not. TriCare does not pay for Chiropractic outside of military providers. I work for a chiropractor and my daughter has TriCare. Fortunately, my family gets free chiro. care due to my work.

  • YES , THEY TAKE CASH, some insurance won't pay,......OR if they do, they limit the payments they pay to .. a bone-shaker

  • Cash is still the most widely accepted payment for....anything.

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