does a smart serve certificate expire? In ONTARIO, Canada?

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  • Yes you can renew online

  • Does Smart Serve Expire

  • No your SmartServe in Ontario never expires.

    If you lose your card you can call your local community college or employment centre to re-order a new one. I believe currently it's $10 for the card. You should always have the card with you. Keep it in your wallet as Liquor Inspectors randomly do checks of servers to make sure they have it.

    "During an AGCO inspection the Inspector will ask for proof that a server has been trained in the responsible service of alcohol. Your Smart Serve certificate is the only proof.

    Replacement cards cannot be ordered online. Print off the special order form, complete the information required then mail or fax the form to the address and / or number listed on the form."



  • Smart Serve Expiry

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