Does Amazon. Com ship to canada?

Okay, So i was going to buy a watch from amazon ,.com, not c.a because its ****. Will they ship it directly to my house ?

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  • Shipping To Canada

  • will only ship certain items to Canada. Your options are to use or get a US Postal Box.

  • I don’t know about a watch but I live in Australia and they will ship books to me but not anything else. I have tried to buy toys and other things and have not been allowed to. They will tell you before you checkout if there is anything in your cart you can’t buy so just try it and find out. 🙂

  • To Canada… of-course

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  • Only certain items due to customs and import restrictions. Check’s shipping help pages, there’s lots of info there about what they can and can’t ship. There could be taxes and tariffs added, depending on the purchase. Be aware that warranties, guarantees and refunds are not transferable across borders and that warranty might not be valid in Canada. If the item doesn’t work you have no options.

    Here’s the Shipping to Canada page of…

    And here’s general information on international orders:…

  • Yeah u can I do it all the time

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