Does anyone have a freight train schedule?/timetable?

I know freight trains don't run on schedules, but I wanted to know if anyone had a railroad timetable or schedule. Railfanning is pretty big for me, and it would be pretty nice to know when they may come through. Canadian National would be awesome, but any railroad in the U.S. will do. Except passenger

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  • There are no schedules, although most trains they try to run at similar times each day (usually doesn't happen).

    Check out online radio scanners to listen to the trains to see where they are, or get your own radio scanner.

  • Freight Train Schedules

  • Sorry,but we don't use a timetable for freight trains. Regular freight trains that ran on a timetable schedule disappeared years ago. Now they just run when they are ready to go. If you were an employee you could get an idea from the computer lineups but they aren't available to the public.

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Freight Trains don't really have a scheduled timetable. They run whenever the dispatcher tells them to. However, a passenger train runs on a set schedule.

  • They Do Not Give Out Information For CSX And Just About Every Other Railroad In The U.S. If Not The World Because Of Security Reasons

  • Most railways in North America run their freight trains as "Extras"..they are run as needed and can be called to depart at any time...I would suggest talking to other local railfans about "Scanners" , and how they work , what frequencies your local railroads listening in to the broadcasts you can determine when the next train is going to pass....

  • You KNOW freight trains do not run on a schedule.

    You then ask for the schedule.

    Which part of freight trains DO NOT run on a schedule do you not quite understand?

    From a Rail road security point of view you need to know this because....?

    NONE of your concern.

    Those that NEED to know do and you are not one of them.

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