Does anyone have Sainsbury’s Health & Safety Policy?

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  • JIC Policy on Health and Safety


    The following is a statement of the general policy of the Employers, i.e. the John Innes Centre, the University of East Anglia (Sainsbury Laboratory) and Plant Bioscience Ltd, on health and safety arrangements at the John Innes Centre. Syngenta management and employees on site will co-operate with JIC as far as is necessary to meet the aims of this policy statement and arrangements. Throughout this statement and the JIC Health & Safety Handbook, references to "employees" or "staff" shall be taken to cover employees, students and visiting workers working at the JIC.

    Employers' Policy

    The Employers aim to safeguard and improve the health, safety, welfare and security of their employees and the health and safety of visitors, members of the general public and contractors, as far as reasonably practicable. The Employers aim to create an atmosphere where health and safety matters are paramount considerations. The Employers will consult with employees and their representatives on health and safety matters and will support employees, and seek their support, in striving for a healthy and safe working environment. The Employers recognise the importance of risk assessment as a technique for managing health and safety

    The Employers are actively and continually committed to taking all necessary steps to restrict, so far as is reasonably practicable, the extent to which their employees and other persons are exposed to ionising radiations.

    The Employers will comply fully with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, regulations made under that Act, The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and other relevant health and safety legislation.

    Employees Responsibilities

    Each employee is required to take reasonable care of his or her own health and safety at work and of the health and safety of his or her colleagues and to co-operate in carrying out any duty or requirement related to health and safety matters imposed by the Employers. This obligation similarly applies to visitors present at the Centre for whatever reasons. Self employed persons and contractors and their employees engaged to carry out work at the Centre are required to comply with local safety rules, and to follow standards of safety practice comparable to and compatible with those which apply generally at the Centre, as well as to those contained in any specific regulations, codes of practice or guidance applicable to their field of work.

    Management Responsibilities

    The Employers have delegated overall management responsibility for health and safety to the Director of the John Innes Centre and the Head of Sainsbury Laboratory. Associate Research Directors, Head of Sainsbury Laboratory and Heads of Departments bear responsibility for health and safety for areas and people under their control. Supervisors at all levels must diligently undertake all procedures designed to implement the JIC Health and Safety Policy.

    Implementation of Health and Safety Policy

    To advise line management on the implementation of health and safety policy, the Centre has appointed a Health and Safety Advisor, established a Safety Committee and recognised Safety Representatives nominated by the Trade Unions recognised by BBSRC. The object of the S afety Committee is to promote co-operation between the Employers and employees in instigating, developing and carrying out measures to ensure employees' health and safety at work.

    The John Innes Centre Health & Safety Handbook, of which this policy statement forms part, contains codes of practice setting out the general work procedures to be adopted to implement health and safety policy locally. Associate Research Directors, Head of Sainsbury Laboratory and Heads of Departments will ensure the adequate supervision of staff, students and visiting workers, and ensure they are provided with appropriate information, instruction, training and protective equipment. Before starting work, all new arrivals will receive essential training in general safety procedures at the Centre, including those relating to fire, first aid and out of hours working. Responsibility for specific safety training relating to a particular job rests with line management. Heads of Departments will also ensure that competent persons are nominated and trained to carry out and record workplace risk assessments.

    Monitoring of Health and Safety Policy

    The Health and Safety Committee will regularly review implementation of health and safety policy and make recommendations to management accordingly.

    There will be regular departmental safety audits and inspections of the workplace. A team of relevant departmental staff, trade union safety representatives and support services staff will normally undertake these, and the objective will be to audit and inspect all work areas at the Centre at least once a year. Responsibility for taking appropriate actions on recommendations arising from the safety inspections rests with line management.

    Review of Health and Safety Policy

    This statement of health and safety policy for the John Innes Centre supersedes all previous statements of safety policy, and will be reviewed annually by the Health and Safety Committee which will advise senior management of any necessary amendments or additions.

    Professor C. Lamb


    Professor D. Baulcombe

    Head of Sainsbury Laboratory

    May 2001

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