Does anyone know a siberpoo breeder?

(husky and poodle mix)

11 Answers

  • I think you can pretty much go into any Siberian Husky owner's yard and find siberpoo.

    And here's some Cyberpoo

    Really, no, I don't know any mutt breeders. I don't associate with scum. If you want a mix, here are some sites for you:

    If you want a Siberian Husky, go to

    If you want a Poodle, go to

  • That's NOT a real breed. Not recognized by the AKC or UKC, so it's not a breed, it's a mutt with a stupid name created by the puppy mills and backyard breeders in the world.

    So the only "breeder" you'll find is a sh*t puppy mill operator or backyard breeder, and you'll be getting an unhealthy, poorly bred dog with an unpredictable temperament.

  • Good breeders don't breed MUTTS. Yes, it's called a mutt, not a "siberpoo". Any breeders who sell designer dogs obviously aren't reputable, responsible breeders. Try or a shelter. Save a life and don't end up supporting some BYB.

  • Siberpoo

  • No such thing. Reputable breeders don't breed mutts..

    Go to the shelter and rescue a dog from death row...

  • Cyberpoo? I think maybe you can Google it.

    I can't believe someone would breed such an insult to Siberian Huskies and Poodles.

  • OHHH please no - its a backyard breeder breeding mutt dogs if you find one. I can't imagine what one looks like and if you are getting it because it won't shed, think again - most ALL poodle mixes will shed!

  • its called a mutt, not a "siberpoo" good breeders DO NOT breed mutts

    try a shelter if you want a mixed breed dog.. there's plenty there.

  • I'm sorry, my first reaction was that this was some new carpet shampooer ...

    Then after my mind getting clear what you meant, I hope that no one does put these two breeds together... sorry mixed critter indeed, it would be.

  • OMFG. I sure hope nobody is breeding such a travesty!

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