Does anyone know about a chat line called the loup?

It was a teen chat line mostly in the L.A. county and you were able to make an account and meet people for free.... I was just wondering if they made a new one or something similar...?

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  • It no longer exists, too many kids were being taken advantage of by unscrupulous adult predators...There are plenty of others, just google teen chat...

  • I used to be on the loup for a couple years till the last day it shut off.. I met a lot of people and great friends from all over Los Angeles , I was like 15 years old and im 30 now wow !

    it's cool cause I still talk to a few people I met on the loup

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  • The number was 602-889-8888 i use to call 24/7 it was fun for me i don't know why people are saying adult predators lol nah i use to go into chatroom 4 nothing but kids my age well at that time lol and everybody knew each other it was crazy sending voice messages setting up intros it was unique well i thought it i was young i met my first girlfriend there i was 15 now i'm going on 30 i dated her for 5 years we parted but she cameback 3 years later but it didn't workout anymore it's crazy how a teen chatline found me a long lasting first love it was love at first voice because obviously i couldn't see her we talked till sunrise that first night. 12 years later lol crazy 2015 now ha reminiscing lol. Sigh the loop was the bomb my nickname was El Shorty Locon. Lol sounds funny now lol.

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