Does anyone know how much a VFW hall costs to rent for a wedding?

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  • Hi,Im a professional wedding consultant and in my expertise vfw halls/banquet rooms can range from $250.00 to $800.00 depending on your area. I work in the southern states/regions and I know a few places that are even $200.00 but if you want to have an event to remember, you'll have to transform your room, provide all the details and expenses for vendors so it turns out it'll cost you much more than an all inclusive event space/venue that can come with those major expenses like the cake ,the dj,the decor and the biggest expense the food.

  • Vfw Hall Rental Cost

  • I rented out a VFW for a party in Morris County, NJ and it was $300. You'll have to call and find out. I'm sure all of their rates vary.

  • In maryland if your a member it's $150

  • I think it all depends. There is a Veteran's Memorial Hall near me and with my fiance's veteran's discount it was still $500. Where are you looking for one?

  • research in your area. most likely around 25

  • You need to just call and ask.

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