Does anyone know of an artist called Raymond?

I have a painting that is at least 50 years old. The only thing the artist signed was Raymond. I'd love to know more about it but I can't find anything about the artist.

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  • There are 36 known artists with the surname "Raymond" listed in

    You could photograph the painting (and a close-up of the signature).

    Send the images to;

    They are very good, and free.

  • Raymond Artist

  • I believe the artist to be Raymond Besse, a French artist born 1899, died March 5, 1969.

    I have a painting signed only Raymond. Some of the are work I found online by this artist had the same signature as mine minus the last name. Identical look. Same brush strokes, impressionistic look.

  • I have a picture of an old man by an artist named Robert Raymond. He is supposed to be in France now. I don't know if he is living or not. I can't find anything about him so far.

  • I have a large oil painting of a stream with Autumn colors of red and orange and Birch trees.

    Painter simply signed it -- Raymond. Does anyone out there know anything? Ken

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  • no but I too have ann oil of a Windmill scene signed Raymond

  • I have also asked the same question several times, and didn't get an answer

  • no sorry

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