does anyone know the name of this song it was made in the early 90’s the melody goes Duh duh duh Dut duh duh

she talks about sitting in her window and i just cannot remeber who sang this song if any one has any idea let me know somthin

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  • Guitar

    i'm sitting by the window of your thirty-second floor apartment

    waiting for your phone calls all to end

    i'm sitting watching wind blow

    watching time go

    watching cars go by

    i'm waiting for these memories to begin

    if i threw my guitar

    out the window, so far down

    would i start to regret it

    or would i smile and watch it slowly fall?

    garbage trucks and taxi cabs

    don't seem like they can reach me here

    the clamor of jack-hammers seems so faint

    the way you treat me like the only

    slightly brings me down a lot

    i don't think i'll ever be the same

    if i threw my guitar

    out the window, so far down

    would i start to regret it

    or would i smile and watch it slowly fall?


  • Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega

    I am sitting

    In the morning

    At the diner

    On the corner

    I am waiting

    At the counter

    For the man

    To pour the coffee

    And he fills it

    Only halfway

    And before

    I even argue

    He is looking

    Out the window

    At somebody

    Coming in

    "It is always

    Nice to see you"

    Says the man

    Behind the counter

    To the woman

    Who has come in

    She is shaking

    Her umbrella

    And I look

    The other way

    As they are kissing

    Their hellos

    I'm pretending

    Not to see them

    And Instead

    I pour the milk

    I open

    Up the paper

    There's a story

    Of an actor

    Who had died

    While he was drinking

    He was no one

    I had heard of

    And I'm turning

    To the horoscope

    And looking

    For the funnies

    When I'm feeling

    Someone watching me

    And so

    I raise my head

    There's a woman

    On the outside

    Looking inside

    Does she see me?

    No she does not

    Really see me

    Cause she sees

    Her own reflection

    And I'm trying

    Not to notice

    That she's hitching

    Up her skirt

    And while she's

    Straightening her stockings

    Her hair

    Is getting wet

    Oh, this rain

    It will continue

    Through the morning

    As I'm listening

    To the bells

    Of the cathedral

    I am thinking

    Of your voice...

    And of the midnight picnic

    Once upon a time

    Before the rain began...

    I finish up my coffee

    It's time to catch the trai

  • Artist: Suzanne Vega

    Song Title: Tom's Diner

    Album Title: Solitude Standing

    Lyrics at the following site:

  • Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega

    : )

  • The only female that I can think of who talks about sitting at her window is Sinead OConnor, Nothing compares 2U, I think is the title of the song, as that is the only one that comes to mind


    Tom's Diner

  • Duh duh duh Dut duh duh sounds like "It's Howdy DOODY time...."

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