Does anyone know what a Choice Freedom Platinum card is?

Hi I got an email today saying I have been approved for a Choice Freedom Platinum card, what is it?

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  • It's not a real credit card. It can only be used to purchase items from their on-line store. They gave it a name that is meant to trick you.

    Cards like that are usually scams--getting you to purchase overpriced items from a less than honest company.

    Ignore it.

  • Choice Freedom Card Review

  • choice freedom card is a scam of the worst kind,it takes advantage of the elderly and vulnerable,someone wanting credit and being told this is a credit card,when in actual fact it isn't,it does NOT have a pin number nor does it have a visa logo or hologram on it,you cannot access there site unless you are a member and to become a member you must pay £29.99 then the sum of £15 a month,it claims it is so you can use there site for doctors,dentists and opticians,but why would anyone want to do that when you can get all that on the N.H.S. this company was using a different name 2 yrs ago with all the same things,when people realise that it is NOT a credit card they ring them or email them to cancel and ask for a refund,they are then automatically offered an increase in credit up to double what the initial card was offered for,however if you insist lik most people have you will receive a full refund of all charges taken from your bak account within 3 to 5 working days,so please do NOT be fobbed off with this card just remember one thing THIS IS NOT A CREDIT CARD,IT IS A SCAM

  • I applied for and got a card from these people - it's a SCAM. What it allows you to do is buy stuff from them using this card, but their stuff is crap and expensive. Luckily I found out about it during the cancellation period and am awaiting my refund. Avoid it like the plague!

  • Are you going to fall for every scam email you get?

    You will have a rough,rough life.

    Ignore these scams, will ya?

    Before touching any form of credit, you should pay off your current debts.

    You should also have a Savings Emergency Fund.

    Should equal 5 months of income.

    Do not touch any plastic unless you have that fund first.


    I have read your others answers.

    You need to leave credit 100% alone. Got it?

    Consider it evil that you do not want in your life.

    Pay off current debts and start saving some money today.

  • If you e mail them and state you have been in touch with financial ombudsman and they have said you should get your money back within 3 working days you will be surprised how quick they respond

  • Wow I totally thought it was a typo, but yeah it's a scam.

  • how do i go about cancelling this card so they cant keep ripping me off.

  • hwo iong do it take befor i get my card

  • I was wondering much the same thing

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