does anyone know what EPOCH.COM is????????

I saw this and a bunch of fraud charges on my bank account. I did take care of those fraud charges & getting my money back but for this charge I don't see a contact number at all... Can anyone help me???

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  • My personal experience... If you cruise adult sites, to avoid embarrassing bills and recurring fees:

    Go to 7-11, Walgreens, CVS, etc etc and pay $4.95 for a OneVanilla prepaid card.

    When you buy it, load it $20 or more ($20 is the min load amount), (load only what you think you will spend) then use it for adult sites. You don't need to apply or register the card like you do with other pre-paid cards. They don't ask for ANY personal info.

    As soon as you buy it, load it with $20 or more, then you are good to go. You do not even need to use your real name when making an online purchase. I have used the name Fred Flintstone when filling out an online camgirl adult site purchase. It worked! I am freakin serious.

    If you want to, you can even go online to see your balance by at the onevanilla site, even though you never did set up an account. You never need to make an account.

    I don't think the money you load expires... but if it does, I think it lasts a year (check it yourself cos I forget). No monthly fees. Once you use what you loaded, destroy it. No monthly billing, fees etc. will occur.

    For me, this is the best pre-paid card. I have used half a dozen others I bought at 7-11 and Walgreens. ALL had monthly fees of $3.95 to $4.95. Onevanilla has NO monthly/annual fees.

  • I found 5 charges on my credit card. I called and they explained what their services were. When I told them I have never gone into any porn sites and have never authorized the charges nor used their services, they said they would only refund 2 months worth of charges and they would not refund the other 3 charges even though they were fraudulent. I'm planning on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau since they obviously don't care nor do they have any intentions of making things right.

  • hi epoch is a internet billing site for adult sites ect if you have had a payment with that name it means that you have somehow joined a site and the billing happens automaticll if you havent cancelled your subscription .

    The best thing to do is go to and click on the chat now box and ask that any subscriptions that are comming out of your account to be stopped and they will do it there and then .

    Be careful what you click on when your surfin the adult sites, its easy to make the wrong click but also watch what your doin from your android phones cos they are the worst for mistakes.

    hope this helps : )

  • Yes realized I had the same thing. you get some girl or guy wants to chat with you they say go to this site is no charge haha sure ...Stay away from those it's all a scam I called the number an stopped it for the next month.. Is a sneaky way to get your money .. an the girls/guys could really care less about you just in it for the bucks. Is just a porn site plain an simple!!!

  • I just dealt with them. Never ever fall for the sites that ask you to go to pay for a show or anything of the sort. I just deactivated my card by calling the number you're asking about and they can deactivate what ever you did by taking ur card off. It's a BIG TIME scam. People play as other people, fake a story, and take your money. NEVER put your credit card on a non trusted site.

  • Epoch is a scam credit/ debit card payment processing company for idiots that go into Craig online dating

    services or for idiots that want to access porn sites that require credit payments. Either case Epoch is a

    sleazy business that once get a credit card info it will be billing it over and over. That sleazy company is over

    due to for being taken out of business

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  • Just contacted my bank about a FRAUDULENT charge by on my credit card. It is definitely a scam. While I was talking to my bank, they tried to make two more purchases...both of which were blocked because my bank cancelled the moment I told them who was accessing my account. My bank is on top of this. It happens often. Cancel the card the charge was made to, call your bank, and send the info to your banks fraud department.

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