Does being spanked releive stress?

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  • Short answer: Yes.

    Long answer: Yes, the act of being spanked can relieve stress in several forms. I'm sure that you're probably referring exclusiving to worrying and tension (what most people think of when "stress" is mentioned), but it can relieve other forms of stress, as well. I've given a few "therapeutic" spankings in my day, so here's a little of what a spanking can do...

    A hard spanking, particularly if given for punishment, can bring the spankee to a state of tears. Crying is a cathartic release, allowing the body and mind to deal with negative thoughts and emotions. This is why a child cries so easily when faced with any form of stress, even something as minor as a skinned knee. An adult, by comparison, has a very difficult time reaching this level at which they can cry. Adults tend to try to avoid crying, thinking that it displays weakness. When stress becomes too much, though, a good spanking can help those tears come out. This kind of stress relief is probably the most common that you'll encounter in the adult spanking community.

    Another form of stress, though, is physical pain. As already mentioned, a prolonged spanking causes the brain to release hormones in response, mostly endorphins. These are the same chemicals responsible for a "runner's high," but it's also known in the spanking and BDSM worlds as "subspace." Endorphins create a euphoric feeling and blocks the pain receptors, often for long after the pain from the spanking has faded. I know several fibromyalgia patients who use spanking to control the pain that they suffer because of the condition.

    Spankings can also help to relieve guilt from a behavior that the person knows is wrong, allowing them to accept the spanker's forgiveness when the spanking is over. In some cases, the feeling of letting someone else be in charge also relieves stress, as the person may normally have to be the one in charge for the rest of their day. There is also, of course, the possibility of using spanking for the relief of sexual tension, which is probably what a lot of people imagine when they think of being spanked as an adult.

    I hope these answers help you.

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    There are lots of ways to relieve stress. First off, figure out why you are stressed, then you can determine if you can avoid the stressful situation or alter it in some way. If your neck and back are sore get a massage, take a hot shower or bath, use a heating pad. Exercising is a great stress reliever, even if it's as simple as walking. If you don't like to exercise, some people find other things such as reading or listening to music, or some hobby to be relaxing and to releive stress. hope this helps some!

  • Yes, for the spanker and the spankee. I am spanked by my husband for serious discipline whenever I need one, and I know afterward I feel really relieved and less stressed out and forgiven. And I know my husband feels better too after he's dished out a good spanking. There have been times when he's come home from a bad day at work and just told me right then and there to pull up my skirt and bend over the couch even when I didn't do anything wrong, just so he can relieve some of his stress by whipping me with his belt. It's painful and hurts a lot at the time, but I understand, and I'm glad I can help at relieving some of his stress.

  • Yes. A very good spanking should relieve stress between married couples.

    Fighting with your husband causes stress, right or wrong. A hard spanking

    spanking changes everything. It is best to spank and forgive and forget as

    soon as possilbe.

  • For a guy being spAnked by a really confident wise girlfriend it sure does. Its her whole taking control which starts to make the male release his stress. And the order to remove all his clothes and admit he deserves a paddling is part of the catharsis.

  • there are a variety of things that you can do to help yourself relax a lot of it just depends on what you like doing writing can help (either journaling or creative writing) physical activity (working up a good sweat and really pushing yourself through physical exercise) take a hot shower read a good book find a movie/tv show that you like and just chill out on the couch/recliner at least these are the things that help me relax when i'm stressing out because these are things i enjoy doing (albeit at the moment there are some that i'm not able to do which is causing stress so yeah good luck)

  • For some people it does. This is quite commonly practiced in domestic discipline, discipline therapy and spanking therapy, and those are good search terms to google... (oops, I meant yahoo search?)... for more information. From a physiological standpoint, spanking in adults increases the production of both endorphins (so-called pleasure hormones) and serotonin (also known as a pleasure hormone even though it isn't a hormone, which provides deeper and more restful sleep in addition to a happy feeling). The key is that if it works for you, it works.

  • When I feel bad about something I have done I long for getting a spanking like I did when I was a girl. So my answer is Yes, definitely.

  • It can for some people. For stress it's best to start out slowly and lightly, then build both the speed and intensity. This causes endorphins to be released into the blood stream, and can be quite pleasurable - even without a sexual component.

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