Does Capatrex male enhancement work?

Hey guys, anyone tried capatrex male enhancement? I just found their website online and didn't know if it worked or not? Anyone have any thoughts? Wanted to hear if it worked or not before I dropped $40 on it. Let me know - thanks

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  • I bought a box of capatrex a month ago. I've tried some of the other supplements at GNC like extenze, enzyte, and magnarx with not much success. I tried this one on a whim because they had a money-back policy listed on their website. This one worked really well for me...definitely boosted my libido. Liked the effects. I though it was pretty good for the money

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  • I tried it a couple months ago. I picked up one of the 3 packs they had on sale through some fall sales promotion they were doing. Actually worked pretty good for me - I've tried a bunch of these supplements before. This one was one of the better ones I tried. Just my 2 cents...

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  • I think it's better to try Viagra from your doctor first.....since it may not be safe for all people.

    I had this friend try out Enzyte and it didn't actually gave him health problems....

    So make sure, before purchase, Ask a Doctor...unless it is Patent Approved.

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