Does Castor oil and Vaseline really help eyelash growth?

Hi! I have heard of so many different things to put on your eyelashes to help them grow longer and thicker. I was wondering if anyone has actually had good results with castor oil, vaseline, baby shampoo ect. Are there any other things that have really worked or any not so expensive products that have given results? It would be awesome if i could find something that actually worked...... thank you so much for the help!

What about just regular conditioner for hair? Do you think that would help your eyelashes or is that bad to be near your eyes?

7 Answers

  • Only castor oil is best.You can apply coconut or badam oil which is also good in promoting hair.Eyelashes mostly depends on heredity.So just be happy with what you got.

  • Actually, it's all illusion. The Vaesline just makes them appear longer, kind of like mascara. There is nothing you can do to make eyelashes grow longer than they are. Eyelash growth is controlled by your genetics.

  • Oils and petroleum products are mostly inert and also don't have any nutrients whatsoever. However, baby shampoo might contain some vitamins that could help hair growth.

  • there are several medicines for glaucoma that have a side effect of causing eyelash growth, and a few cosmetic ways that I have heard of. A friend of mine swears by Revitalash which can be found at

  • I don't think anything helps them grow. If that were true we would all have nice I use false eyelashes. They are great. I even put mascara on them and blend them with my own. Thats the best advice I can give you.

  • no. it doesnt... u can incease it... u can either use mascara 2 make thm luk thicker , or u may go for false eye lashes

  • I work in a hospital and asked.... sorry, nothing will help them grow!

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