Does Deviantart have viruses?

A couple of weeks ago I got messages on my computer when I went to Deviantart.Com saying that the page may contain trojan horses/viruses.

Now my computer is not working. It has some kind of weird virus. Everytime I turn my computer on and log into an account it says, "Windows has encountered a critical error and will restart in 1 minute. Please save all your work." Did I get this virus from DeviantArt?

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  • Deviantart used to be safe, but apparently a lot of people are getting viruses from it now!! I can't say for certain if it's from deviantart. It may be the advertisements on it. You definitely got the virus from DA (or the advertisements on it) i'm also a member of deviantart and when I looked at a deviation, everything closed out and I got the 'XP Security 2010' virus!! I've been avoiding the site, but I went on a couple weeks ago again and it gave me a trojan horse! there's definitely something wrong with deviantart!! I trusted that site but now I wouldn't recommend going on it at all! 🙁

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  • ANY website can give a virus to a visitor to their site.

    Usually they do not do this intentionally. A 3rd party advertising server may get hacked. The site owners usually fix the problem in a few hours.

    You are not the only person who suspects that their machine was recently infected by a visit to Deviantart in the past few weeks. I have heard of others.

    Deviantart is a legitimate site, but as I said before any website can be compromised. Yes even good ol' Yahoo has been in the past.

    There is no such thing as a 101% safe website.

  • Yes, some deviants actually upload virused deviations, but they are taken care of very fast, I guess you weren't lucky if you got one from there.

  • now your computer have virus you want to install window now and format your hard

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