Does green coffee bean extract work for everyone?

So I heard of this Green Coffee Bean Extract pill thing that's supposed to make your metabolism faster and help you lose weight without any additional exercise or dieting. I was skeptical but so far all the reviews say it's successful and natural, and people have reported losing over 5 pounds in a couple weeks or less. I'm not trying to lose a ton of weight, I'm 5'4 and around 114-115 pounds, it sometimes drops to 111 and sometimes goes up to 116-118 if I eat a lot. Anyways I'm just trying to stay fit, I exercise every day and I want to keep my weight at 110. Being a college student it's hard to eat healthy every day and I decided to give this green coffee thing a try. It's been about 2 and a half weeks, almost 3 weeks, and I have not seen any results. I take 2 every day as recommended on the bottle and frequently exercise, but my weight is still around 114. Is it not working as fast on me because I weigh less? Should I keep taking it? I just want to be able to stay at 110.

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  • There is no proven weight loss therapy that does not involve a mixture of eating less and moving about more.

    There is ALWAYS a fad weight loss miracle that everyone is talking about. They never last and they can NEVER be shown to work. Meanwhile, someone gets rich by selling us their useless potion.

    Natural is not the same as good. Arsenic is natural. Typhoid in natural. EVERYTHING on earth is made from things that came from a natural source. It might have been dried, sieved/separated, crushed, mixed, heated, rolled or shaped. That is as true of a loaf of bread as it is for rat poison or a petrol engine.

    If taking a little green pill makes you think about eating less and exercising more, then you will lose weight. If taking a diuretic makes you pee more, you will lose weight, but only temporarily as your body will eventually need to restore its fluid balance.

    Sorry, my friend, there are no short cuts. We just have to eat fewer calories and burn off more than we are eating.

  • Aim to enjoy at least five grams of fiber to actually satiate your hunger.

  • Nope!!

    Better you can Try Phenocal

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