Does Hydroxycut really work?

I'm 5'5 and 177 pounds and I hate my body. I wanted to try Hydroxycut to see if it works. Or if anybody as any other suggestions on how to lose this weight. Id like to lose about 38 pounds. I know diet and excercise but what are the best ways to excercise to make weight loss more effective and faster?

i see laot sayin alli but i read on their website that all side effects are basiclly you losing all controls of your bowels and pooping allll the time and leakage...eww!!

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  • The old stuff did but the new formula ꜱᴜcκs, I wouldn't waste your money on it. Now I have tried this stuff called Venom, Hyperdrive 3.1 I think it's called? I got it out of a nutrition/bodybuilding website and it was like $28 for a bottle and you can take 1 or 2 a day (there's 90 in a bottle so it lasts for a while) and I have lost weight on that. 10lbs in 3 weeks. The stuff gives you energy and it reduces your appetite like nothing else I've ever tried. I just bought a bike this spring too and I've been biking to run my errands and go on 5-6 mile rides and that is helping me tone up and drop weight like crazy, if you have little kids, buy one of those bike trailers, they are soo awesome and you'll get a better workout pulling them around, my kids love it! Good luck!

    Source(s): 5'10" 170lbs and still losing!
  • I've tried it a couple of times. Of course it makes you feel more energized and confident, and will boost weight loss but it never worked the way I wanted it to because I wasn't really motivated to lose the weight. I relied on the pills to just do it for me. If you stick to workin out and eating healthy, hydroxycut will work to help you lose weight faster. Personally, I think Alli, the new pill, is the best ever and been hearing a lot of good things about it! I'm 17.. and just recently lost a ton of weight after I joined the National Guard. I was fat basically all my life! and never felt confident 🙁 But you can. Good luck!!

  • I took NV and it worked for me. I lost about 10 lbs in 3 wks or so. It just made me not hungry. Also you could try just eating less and staying busy. Thats what I'm doing now and I've lost about 35 lbs. since January. Also my one of my friends is trying this new diet. She told me that all she ate is FRUIT and lost 8 lbs in 3 days. I never tried it cuz I really don't like fruit but maybe you could. I'm 5'5 and 170. I know how you feel.

  • People who plan their weekly meals are more successful at losing weight than those that don’t. Plan your dishes to add healthy carbs such as fairly sweet potato and wholegrain pasta, vegetables and lean proteins, buy every one of the ingredients in advance and don’t be tempted to nibble on out or order in.

  • Suck that in. Consciously hold in and contract your stomach muscles while you’re walking, sitting pictures desk or making the evening meal. This will help to strengthen your abs and your core, and bring you one step closer to some sort of flatter stomach.

  • you need to vary your workout regime so that your body doesn't "get used to" the same routine.

    our bodies do not want to be thin--bodies want to be "fat", full of stored energy just in case--human evultion is "not caught up with" our agricultural technlogical advancements...and so whatever we do to ourselves to lose the fat our bodies will adapt (e.g., the results of yo-yo diets)

    you really don't need a fat burner to lose weight. as long as your dedicated to getting in shape and eating healthier, you'll lose weight without having to spend an extra 40 bucks for a bottle of pills. and think how proud of yourself you'll be when you do it without hydroxycut...

    you didn't gain all that 38pounds over night, you're not going to lose those pounds overnight eigher. tough it out, hang in there! good luck.

    Source(s): (btw, i do have a bottle of hydroxycut. i think it's crap. it made my heart hurt. and it's "benefits" weren't significant enough for me to want to continue using it.)
  • Eat muesli two hours before training to boost fat burning when you train. Slow to digest, muesli takes longer to have through your system, so is less likely to be turned into fat and still will give you a good energy boost.

  • Eat goats cheese as opposed to regular cheese. It contains 40 percent fewer calories than the cheese created from cow’s milk.

  • I personally would go with" Hydroxycut Hᴀʀᴅcoʀᴇ " It really works great . It can be purchased on line at many sites.

  • Suck that in. Consciously hold in and contract your abdominals while you’re walking, sitting pictures desk or making the an evening meal. This will help to strengthen your abs and your core, and create for you one step closer to the flatter stomach.

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