does it ever snow in Hawaii?

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  • On the big island, in the mountains

  • once again questions are being answered by people who don't know the correct answers. and one is a major contributor?..........Please. if you don't know the correct answer stop answering. 1st there are no peaks on Maui or the big Island. there are the flat tops of dormant volcanoes on each island and Mauna Kea is not the only island that gets snow. Maui's Haleakala does also. Not as often, but it does snow up thee maybe 2 or 3 times a year

  • It sure does. Only on the Big Island on Mauna Kea (Meaning White Mountain) and some on Mauna Loa... Mauna Kea is the highest Mountain in the world! 14,000 feet Above Sea Level and plunging another 29,000 feet Below Sea Level !

    You can even Ski and Snowboard on Mauna Kea if you don't mind a nice hike chair lifts!

    Poster above is correct once in a while Haleakala gets a dusting.

  • Actually, believe it or not it does.

    Obviously not at the beaches or at sea level, but if you go the highest peaks in Maui and The big island you can occassioanly see snow covered peaks. Infact there is even heli-skiing on the big island.

    At sea level the temp never even gets below 60 degrees normally.

  • Yes, up in the mountains, on the Big Island

  • At the mountains such as Haleakala

  • Yes.

  • yes it does on mauna kea

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