Does Lysol kill a roach?

I tried to crawl in my refrigerator so I slammed the door and grabbed a bottle of lysol cleaner and sprayed it. It fell and got away, but will it eventually die?

Yes, I know it's cruel to kill bugs with poisons... but he wouldn't have had to die if he kept himself out of my house... or at least hidden.

4 Answers

  • I'm sure that Lysol will probably kill. I mean, it says on the bottle that it kills 99% of H.I.V., so it's safe to assume the roach is dead. However, if there's one roach, there's probably more. You might want to look into buying some Combat Quick Kill Formula for Roaches. It comes in the form of little traps that you lay behind counters and refrigerators and other hard to get to spots. These will guarantee that you don't have to see another roach. Here's some reviews on the Combat Quick Kill Formula Roach Traps.

  • Can Lysol Kill Roaches

  • Lysol is a disinfectant spray. In other words, it kills things, although it's intended for bacteria and germs. But yeah, if the roach got a good enough dowsing, it will probably die.

  • Since it's poison I'd say that it would suffer a lot, or either die. If it comes around again I'd just get something and attack.

    P.S: I hate bugs/spiders too.

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