Does Mcdonald’s serve French fries in the morning?

Need a quick response.

Thank you.

Oh and, please only answer if you are sure.

That's odd... They're on their all day menu. Hm.....

11 Answers

  • Not where I live.

  • french fries are specifically for dinner and lunch. they start serving them, where i live at about 10 30 am. but if its like 10 25, or somewhere realy clost to that, you can ask and theyll give you some.

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  • In NYC they don't serve fries before 10 am. Weekends I think it's 11am.

  • Yeah

  • No.

    Why would you want to eat fries in the morning?

  • not till 10:30 AM


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  • nope but white castle does 24/7. go to a white castle!

  • I think they start when breakfast stops at apprx 10.30

  • no they carnt only ash browns or wot ever they are called lol



  • Not until lunch.

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