does psi mean or can stand for pressure?

someone i know got a tattoo that had PSI on it, and they said it stood for pressure. is this true or accurate?

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  • PSI is the common abbreviation for Per Square Inch. It is a method of measuring air pressure

  • PSI can stand for pressure per square inch

  • PSI Stands for pounds per square inch.

  • psi stands for pressure per square inch!

  • I am not sure what it means here in Mythology and Folklore, But in the real world, PSI means per square inch as the air pressure in your tires on your car.

  • psi is for measuring air pressure pounds per sqruare inch

  • I thought psi stood for per square inch! Guess I am wrong!

  • No, it’s not PSI it’s Psi, and I too wondered what it was, so I looked it up – it’s a psychic thing.

    Look at the link below and do a Control-F search on Psi.

    BTW, for future search reference, you can do a Google using their ‘define:’ syntax as in [ define:psi ] (w/o the “[ ]’s”) That will give you just definitions.

  • yeah its pounds per square inch, like psi in a tire which is the air pressue in the tire

  • normally when measuring air pressure – pounds per square inch

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