Does Queen B tea actually work?

I saw it on Instagram and was wondering if it does or doesn't work. And how old do you have to be to use it.

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  • As a quick rule of thumb none of these products work. Your body naturally detoxes all the time. If you eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit, veg and wholegrains, lots of fluids, and limit your intake of sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol, you'll do yourself as much good - and it's cheaper.

    If you actually look at this product:

    Cassia angustifolia: This has been used traditionally as a laxative.

    Crataegus pinnatifida: The scientific evidence for medicinal use is as a topical treatment for skin cancers. Its traditional use is for strengthen cardiac output. I can't quite see what either of those uses have to do with anything of the things this tea is supposed to help you with

    Alisma orientale: This is known to be associated with serious side-effects. Its traditional use is in treating rabies.

    Plantago asiatica seed: There has been some research done on the anti-inflammatory effects of this plantain

    Nelumbium speciosum: i couldn't find any traditional use for this - it is high in many vitamins

    although that probably means that you really need to eat it.

    Hordeum vulgare: This is barley

    Citrus aurantifolia: This is lime - presumably there as a flavouring

    Cassia tora: This is another traditional laxative which is being looked at in the treatment of cancer. At the minute the research is still "in the test-tube"

    The problem is that we don't know how much of any of these ingredients the tea contains, so even when an ingredient might seem to have a good effect, we don't know whether the tea delivers a therapeutic dose. It is also true that mixing drugs can alter the way they work - sometimes not in a good way. Since there have been no scientific studies of this tea, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that it works.

    As far as I can see, this is simply a laxative. Laxatives, far from detoxing your body actually strip away essential minerals and vitamins and cause dehydration. They also cause discomfort. If you have problems with constipation, upping the fibre and water in your diet will be better for you.

    I came across this when I was looking for the ingredients

  • Queen Bee Detox

  • Low-fat protein is a great basis for a weight loss diet. Foods like lean turkey, lentils and eggs from the right quantities will keep the sugar levels even, make you're feeling fuller for longer, lower the GI on the carbs you combine it together with and help repair damaged body cells.

  • Wow, Thanks! I was wondering the same question yesterday

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