Does saying “ok” and saying “okk” mean the exact same thing when texting?

Weird question I know, but I have to ask because I once said “ok” through text message to my boyfriend and he flipped out at me and treated me so horribly he made me cry because I said that once in a text message. He says that saying “ok” means your ᴘιssed off and has a “hidden meaning” and only saying “okk” or “ok baby” is acceptable. And he thinks just because I said “ok” through text message that it was perfectly acceptable to swear and curse at me and basically say he doesn’t care about our relationship and act hateful towards me ...over something small like that. And he thinks he is always right about everything and rufuses to say sorry for anything.

3 Answers

  • so "ok" means just like a solid yes, i agree (fullstop). "okk" means they are down for it and somewhat excited for whats to come.

  • Your boyfriend sounds very childish and controlling. I agree with Fantom, drop him fast!

  • It is OK for you to drop him.

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