Does Sears install Shocks or Struts for free if i buy them there?

2001 Honda Civic if it helps.

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  • You have to look on the tag. Sometimes it says "installed price"and sometimes it say "installation extra."

  • Sears Shocks

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    First you have to establish that Sears is responsible for the clunk. That means having a good mechanic who would be willing to testify in court find what is wrong with the car and that Sears' bad work is responsible. Or is at least willing to tell you that that is the situation, even if he won't go to court. Then send a letter to Sears (get the corporate address from the net), preferably citing your state's consumer protection act and/or lemon law. Since you don't identify the state, I can't help you there. Explain what is wrong and what you want them to do about it. Send it certified mail, return receipt. Send another copy by ordinary first class mail. Keep a copy for your records. You can try the consumer protection agency or the attorney general's office in your state. This Sears garage may have a lot of complaints, and they might take on your case. If you are in a city that has one of those "consumer reporters" that help consumers with ptoblems, try calling them. But only after you know what is causing the clunk.

  • Sears: The master of deception and installer of terrible Died Yesterday Batteries, Monroe struts and shocks. With so many outstanding manufacturers of shocks and struts, KYB, Koni and Bilstein, why would you have high dollar Sears, fumble around and try to install a brand they wasn't as good as the OEM shocks and struts that came on your car?

    On Sears best hot sale days on any brand of tires they can't come close to Discount Tire Direct or

  • Doubt it...but they'll probably give you an installation discount. Kind of a pain in the вυŧŧ to tell you the truth at least the struts.

  • No. They would even charge you for breathing their air if they could measure it. Call them before you waste your time going to their shop, if you want to know how much they charge. Call Firestone and see what they charge. Call America's Tire and see what they charge. It costs a lot. Take the best deal.

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