Does Sword Art Online have a class system?

In episode 2 Diabel said he was a knight class yet one of the guys mentioned there isn't a class system.

in episode 3: The Black Cat Guild wanted to change Sachi to another class. She used Sword and Shield

Episode 4 :Silica is a beast tamer. But the others are regular players.

Also about the weapons they can use. I saw sword, sword and shield, spear, and hammer.

What determines what you equip? Is it based on your stats?

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  • No, I think there's no class system in SAO (I read it somewhere but I frogot)

    In episode 2, Diabel is only joking. he's only saying what he want so he can look "cool" as the leader in the eyes of other player.

    In episdoe 3, What black cat Guild wanted is to only change sachi speciality into using a Sword and Shield (originally she can only uses spear(?)).

    In episode 4, Silica is a rarity. She's one of lucky player that accidentally taming a monster (a system in SAO). because of that she's became famous and people start calling her a beast tamer.

    and about weapon, I think I read it somewhere in the LN (I forgot which volume) the limit of choosing weapon is a skill. Like if you want to use katana (like Klein), you have to master one-handed sword and curved sword skill first or something like that.


  • No, Sword Art Online does not have a class system. From what I understood reading the Manga, everything is based on skills. You can choose to have one sword, a sword and shield, lance, spear, short sword, long sword, etc. and then you can put your skills into swordplay, armor, spot, listen, steal, swim, run, appraise items, blacksmithing, etc. (whatever you want)

    In episode 2, Diabel was just joking, he wanted to 'be cool'

    In episode 3, Sachi uses a different weapon (I am not sure if they say which) and the Guild wants to switch her style/skills to Sword and Shield so she can fight on the front lines

    In episode 4, 'Beast Tamer' is not a class, it is someone who has a pet/familiar that helps them in battle, like healing or attacking. Beasts are rare so few people have them (or can keep them, Silica was lucky Kirito helped her get the Pneuma Flower, otherwise pets/familiars die and you'd have to find a new one)

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  • I was actually going to suggest Dungeon Fighter online, but it seems you have already seen games at Nexon. The reason I like that game because of the diversity of weapons and classes an actual kinds of PEOPLE that you can choose from. I haven't played in months, but I think it's still that you can level up to lvl 70 (it can be done in about 2 weeks if you play DAY and NIGHT, but if you play 3-4 hrs a day it's a good amount of playing time) and te people you can be are Theif(Female), Male and Female Fighter, Male and Female Gunner, Mage(Female, but an update could maybe have added a male version), and a Priest. You an have about 12 characters at a time. It's got tons of items and weapons, and the game is FREE! The only thing that would cost money, which is optional, are some avatars and special items. But these items can be bought at an in game auction house with gold that you gain in the game (pretty costly though). This may not be game that meets your specifications, but is a very fun game while I was actively playing it. I would check it out, and if you do give it a day of two for some actual gaming, because it's ha a lot of content to experience

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