Does the Kiosk Key at Lowes make keys that’s stamped with “Do Not Duplicate” on them?

I understand the whole security concept, but as a poor college student, I'm just not trying to pay an extra $100 for another set of keys. I went to Home Depot but the guy says he's not allowed to copy it. So I was just wondering if these machines would duplicate these "Do Not Duplicate" keys.


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  • there is no law against it but it comes down to the individual cutting it- its more an unwritten rule between locksmiths to protect customers rather than it being illegal, just so u know there is a very vast difference between a locksmith and a kiosk staff member running or operating a franchise- best thing u can do is just ask them, on the edge near the DND there will either be a # or a certain marking that will identify who originally cut the keys

  • Most reputable shops won't do it, not sure about Lowe's though! Most will have sympathy for your situation but by making a copy of a "Do Not Duplicate" key, they would be assuming some responsibility should some unsavory character get the key and enter without permission. DND keys are used by building managers in an effort to maintain control of who has copies of the keys. Your best bet is to contact your landlord and ask them to give you a new copy.

    Good luck!

  • It probably won't work. The point is the kiosk won't have the proper blank.

    Try going to an actual locksmith's shop. Some will make copies for you regardless of what the key says (but not all, so be prepared for that too.)

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  • Lowes Kiosk

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