does the website real wishes granted make your wish come true?

has anyone out there actually tried this website and had their wish come true

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  • I'm a very skeptical person these days, but I am absolutely amazed at what has happened to me so far; Yes mines working right now and so are my friends wishes.

    Obviously you would know that the website is,/ and it's a very powerful website; when I first entered there by sudden chance on Saturday of last week, I was very dubious at first glance; but I tried it anyways. Then I read the testemonials [what people have said with proven results ex: ] and I really haven't seen 1 "it's not working!" comment. And ofcourse, I made sure that the coordinater wasn't setting up these comments; and low and behold, each comment was from different spots around America, or another place.

    Anyways, I really reccomend it. The power of 8 is a very holy number, and this website holds no black magic, or evil. I am of the catholic religion and don't practice witchcraft, so I'll tell you now; if religion is holding you down. Don't let it, I'm sure this is Gods way of helping us.

    One thing I have learned from this website is that everything truly does happen for a reason. Good and bad. I believed in this 'saying' before, but I never really truly got the meaning until I discovered this website.

  • You know, it is indeed a true wish page. When I was about 14 twins at my school had left and I was very devastated. I went to real wishes and wished for specifically those twins to come back to the school I've went to. You know how one of the steps is to forget? Well, I had forgotten and suddenly, about a few months later I see that they're back, and I was super happy but I forgot that I had made a wish and realized it long after and got a happy feeling. I also once wished for a computer, and that came true ( but its dead now, lol, possibly hardware failure )

    I also had my friend try this site, she wished for an iPhone. Her grandmother wouldn't let her have a phone, and me and my friend had forgotten. One day her brother was upgrading his iPhone and at the same time said she could have one as well. When she got it I was like, "DUDE, THAT WAS YOUR WISH!".

    So yes, it does work. I'm going to try it without the site since my computer is dead. And I know this is late, but good luck!!

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Don't bank on it. If something does happen, it's not because a website granted your wish. 11 is just a number, like all the others. No hidden meaning attached.

  • Real Wishes

  • This website does not work

  • Do you mean this?

    LOL im trying for you right now!!

    i entered a wish....

    it took me to the wish page...

    it said i must follow these instructions:

    bookmark the page

    visit this wish page everyday at least once for 8 days in a row....

    and my wish will come true!!

    so well have to wait 8 days wont we!!

    WOW I HOPE MY WISH COMES TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i clicked continue and it said to:

    write the number 8 on a peice of paper

    carry it on/with you for the next 8 days

    allow direct moonlight to shine on it for 30 seconds everynight

    indirect moonlight will penetrate clouds

    if its cloudy expose it every night for 2 minutes


  • i don't know, i am trying it. will tell you if it works


  • just another hoax.

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